Authoritarian Checklist

Win elections on fear & populist promises
Reclaim power for the People from the “elites”
Purge highest positions in key government institutions
Place cronies in positions of highest power regardless of their competence
Brush off any critical press as “fake”, “corrupt”, “acting against the People”
Bluntly lie to the People
Ban press from parliament/congress/White House or selectively limit their access
Limit press freedom & quietly take control of mainstream media
Label opposition & protesters as “traitors”, “elites trying to reclaim power”
Limit freedom of assembly
Fix highest court to be able to bypass Constitution “for the good of the people”
Limit minority & women’s rights
Ruin the economy to fulfil your populist promises in the short term
Alienate international partners and allies, “making your country great again”
Quietly fix electoral law under the disguise of making it better
Start over, until there’s nothing left…


– With love, your Eastern European friends.


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